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Natural substances for life

We want to enable our customers to benefit from the findings in biology and food technology. Our products therefore support an active and health-conscious lifestyle through the power of nature. The quality of our soluble products is guaranteed by decades of research and the highest standards in production standards.

Innovation — but sustainable

Our goal is to use our scientific know-how to make a positive contribution to people, society and the environment. In doing so, we are particularly concerned with making the production of our natural ingredients sustainable for people and the planet.


BiYottica has set itself the goal of making plant substances or endogenous substances, as well as vitamins more bioavailable for our bodies.

Technologie BiYo

We develop antioxidants in highly bioavailable liquid form as a
two-component formulation. Every single product developed is based on well-founded, scientifically proven findings. The technology used in product manufacturing is called “Multilamellar Extracellular Exosomal Nano-Carrier Delivery” — in short: M-E-E-N-D technology.

Exosomes — how do our body cells communicate with each other?

Every cell produces, sends, and processes a multitude of inter- and intracellular information and connects it within the body. This happens through endogenous EXOSOMES.

EXOSOMES are the body’s own nano-vesicles that naturally transport cellular messages throughout the body. These EXOSOMES, which connect approximately 30 trillion cells in our body, represent one of the most advanced communication networks on earth.

The M-E-E-N-D Technology.
The supply route in the cell.


Transport vesicles dock onto cell surfaces (receptors).


Transport vesicles are opened by enzymes. Cell takes up plant substance.

Cell has absorbed transported active substances and these can now act.

The envelope of the BiYottica transport vesicles is constructed in the same way as the cell surface.

The exosomal network is an evolutionarily optimised communication system. It transports sensitive signals and molecular messengers between the body’s cells. The transmission of molecules by EXOSOMES from one cell to another takes place via the so-called MEMBRANE VESICAL TRAFFICKING.

This intelligent communication network is used by BiYottica in such a way that the “transport system” (BiYottica solubilisate) developed by the M-E-E-N-D technology efficiently delivers the cargo with a very high payload of biologically active molecules to the recipient cells with high demand.

What is special about BiYottica solubilisates?

BiYottica solubilisates are highly concentrated, anhydrous solutions in which, for example, plant extracts that are naturally very difficult to dissolve, are dissolved.

Depending on the active ingredient, concentrations of up to 15% are possible. Our solubilisates are produced with our M-E-E-N-D technology; the basis is formed by lecithins and 4 – 6 natural fatty acids, whose percentages and combinations are chosen according to the requirements of the active ingredient to be dissolved. These auxiliary agents for solubilisation are also found naturally in food and are therefore harmless to the consumer.

In this way, we increase the solubility, stability and cellular availability of our products over longer periods of time.

Our active ingredients are available in liquid form through solubilisation.

BiYottica Products

BiYottica develops antioxidants in highly bioavailable, liquid form as two-component presentations.

BiYottica Products


Supplies the mitochondria in all cells with energy, regenerates and protects the muscles after physical exertion, is anti-inflammatory and promotes healthy sleep.


Is involved in protecting the body’s defence system against pathogens, strengthening the immune system, and promotes detoxification reactions in the liver.


Helps the immune system defend itself against viruses, bacteria and fungi, has pronounced anti-inflammatory properties, can cross the blood-brain barrier and has a neuroprotective effect.


Has an antimicrobial effect, reduces metabolic disorders in the organism, strengthens the immune system through antioxidant properties, reduces inflammation and delays cell ageing.


Improves blood flow, is anti-inflammatory, promotes bone hardening and enhances memory in healthy adults.


Prevents certain eye diseases through photo-protective functions on the retina and filters out a large proportion of the high-energy and potentially harmful part of visible light.


Helps supply energy to every cell, especially the heart muscle, and delays cellular ageing of the skin by strengthening the immune system.


Prevents UV damage to the eye, promotes the regeneration of skeletal muscles after exercise, increases the skin’s resistance to damage from UV light and supports mental performance.
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Our customers

BiYottica products are appreciated for their unique quality by health enthusiasts as well as patients and professionals in the fields of health and sports.

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About us

The BiYottica Team

Today there are more than 7000 rare diseases. The demand for remedies to strengthen the immune system is increasing meteorically. This reflects the need of many people to protect themselves from environmental threats. Many people know the saying: “A healthy mind in a healthy body” (Mens sana in corpore sano). As a molecular biologist, I am aware of many natural active substances – up to 5000 years old – that have enormous potential for our physical and mental well-being. However, the availability of these natural substances for our body cells is very low. Today, through new technologies, we are able to transform this ancient wisdom into “cellular health for all”.

Dr. Dorian Bevec

Scientific Director

As an economist and financial expert, I have increasingly focused on sustainable investments over time – be it in the technology, logistics or food sectors. This also includes an engagement in the Brazilian rainforest. This is not only a large CO2 reservoir, but is also characterised by its enormous biodiversity. This plant world represents an almost immeasurable source of active substances that are enjoying increasing attention in health care and prevention. Yet the vast majority of these plants have not even been researched yet. 

Ralf Baron von Ziegesar

Commercial Manager

Selling means helping the customer get what he needs and giving him a “good feeling!” – so goes a quote. I believe that it is obvious what people need and that there are even more important things than giving a “good feeling” when buying! Especially now, in these challenging times, health should be the focus for everyone. This requires new thoughts, solutions and offers. The interplay of science and nature at the highest level gives me the good feeling of supporting people’s health in the long term and helping them to achieve a better quality of life. 

Frank Jäger

Sales Manager

Are our products and technology of interest to you?
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BiYottica UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is a company based in Frankfurt/Main that develops, markets and distributes health care products – especially nutritional supplements – as well as products for lung and skin care.

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